Helping Children with Autism

What We Do

Our role with each of the clients we support is their “life coach” with a motivational focus to inspire them and celebrate their successes and wins. Our approach is to work with each client and work towards formulating attainable goals to target skills that need to be achieved. We work on enhancing the strengths to ensure progression into the best version of themselves.

How We Can Help

Academic Supports


Social Connections


Life & Functional Skills



"She taught him how to advocate for himself, reinforced his positive skills, inspired him to do better and motivated him to want more out of life."

- Heather & Michael Mercuur

"She is a committed, devoted Professional who is always striving to provide support to her clients at the highest degree."

- Chris Foster, Learning Support

"Things have definitely improved around here, including their attitudes."

- Darleen Collins, Director of Marketing

"The growth my student has exhibited since working with Hala has been immeasurable. She works magic."

- Sarah Chalmers Couture, Teacher


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We offer support to our client’s key areas and any additional skills that need to be attained such as Socialization, Executive Functioning Skills, Anxiety Management, Homework preparation, Problem solving skills, Daily Routines, Life Skills, Organization Skills, Time Management, Community Support, and much more.