Life & Functional Skills

The goals and objectives that l create with the client is to develop daily living skills necessary to live independently.  Executive functioning skills are a critical component in managing daily living and ensuring that routines and healthy habits become habituated.  The applied skills such as following directions, completing tasks from start to finish, prioritizing, scheduling, and sequencing are all areas that are practiced in the client’s home. I work with clients to teach them how to meal prep, and complete everyday tasks of daily living such as household management, laundry, cleanliness and organizational skills. I take my clients out in the community to learn important shopping skills and keeping within healthy guidelines.  Utilizing electronic devices to its fullest functionality is a tool that l use to reinforce organization, maintain focus and staying on track. Showing clients how to use public transportation systems to get to get around in the community. Skill practiced with clients while navigating through the community, reading transit schedules, reading a map and following directions and arriving on time to appointments.  Learning practical job skills, how to apply for a job, and the interview process. I work with my clients and government agencies to find opportunities, at times starting with volunteer positions to create exposure what a position would entail.

  • Managing time and staying organized and focused through scheduling
  • Financial Management, Managing and budgeting money
  • Meal planning and developing healthy eating habits
  • Use of public transportation or studying to get a driver’s license
  • How to take care of personal grooming needs and hygiene