Our family is so happy to have found Hala.  She is a cheerful, enthusiastic,  organized, and  positive, person.  We challenged her with organizing and supporting our two kids, aged 13 and 15 who were having trouble getting up for school, getting homework completed, and being motivated in general.  We sat down altogether and discussed the issues that needed attention and Hala immediately set to work tasking them to organize their binders, schedules, homework, etc. and giving them strategies for successful outcomes.  She worked with them to create a schedule of daily chores and responsibilities.  She discussed strategies with them for getting up on time, and ways to make their mornings less stressful by preparing  lunches and selecting clothing the night before.  Things have definitely improved around here, including their attitudes. The best part is, they look forward to Hala coming-they really like her and she motivates them in a positive way.  Thank you Hala…


Darleen Collins - Director of Marketing

I have worked with Ms. Romana for the past 3 years. She has demonstrated expertise as a Special Educator specifically with students who are on the autism spectrum. In addition she has supported students who have been identified with complex behavior and learning challenges (such as students diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Mental Health Issues). Her compassion and dedication to the students she works with is evident. Building relationships with the students is one of the most important roles as an educator and Ms. Romana exemplifies this on a daily basis. She is a committed, devoted Professional who is always striving to provide support to her clients at the highest degree. Ms. Romana regularly attends Professional Development workshops and seminars to enhance her skills and gain mastery in her practice.  I highly recommend Ms. Romana in the field of Special Education.


Chris Foster - Learning Support, Department Head

Hala worked with our son, aged 19, for six months. She focused on skills that would allow him to function independently with regards to transportation and food safety. She assisted him with handling food, planning nutritious meals and preparing them. He learned how to shop, budgeting principles and getting from one place to another using public transportation. Hala focused on job skills, how to look for work, how to find colleges, and how to ask the right questions when making inquiries. These skills were all very technical but really don't even touch the surface of what Hala really taught our son. She taught him how to advocate for himself, reinforced his positive skills, inspired him to do better and motivated him to want more out of life. Our 19 year old son is now a strong, compassionate, less anxious and caring young adult with the drive to carry him to the next level. Hala was focused and determined and kept us involved during the whole process. She truly accomplished what we were unable to. Thank you Hala.


Heather & Michael Mercuur

Over a year ago, a student I teach in my grade 5 class was referred to Hala. Immediately Hala made contact with me to engage me in a conversation about the needs I saw for my student. Hala is an incredibly collaborative approach to supporting students, weaving a common plan through home, school and therapy/extended support.  She always has the best in mind for the student, and has such a strong understanding of the home and school environments that she can quickly adapt her plans to fit all circumstances. The growth my student has exhibited since working with Hala has been immeasurable. She works magic. I have absolute faith that Hala has an answer to every situation and every stumbling block my student and I run into. Her vast knowledge, experience and expertise make her indispensable.


Sarah Chalmers Couture - Teacher