Academic Supports

Learning academic preparation skills, how to plan for homework assignments, projects, presentations and exams.

  • Creating new study habits and note-taking strategies
  • Classroom participation and workgroup work
  • Learn how to find and access helpful services on your college campus and get one-on-one support in meeting with the key personnel at your school
  • Problem solving to address stressful situations and triggers that arise in a classroom setting.

The goal is to provide support and help clients cope with the stressors of the academic learning environment, and manage the expectations set by the academic learning institute.  Utilizing proven mythologies from Michelle Garcia Winner, Social Behavior Mapping. “Connecting Behavior, Emotions and Consequences Across the Day”, I work with the client to understand the “hidden rules” and what the “expected and unexpected behavior” is in their environment.

I’m available to conduct observations in the School setting and meet with school personnel if the need is presented. In addition, l can serve as the liaison between home and school and facilitate communication with the class professors to address any issues that arise in real time. Being proactive to ensure that class objectives are being maintained. Having an open line of communication with school personnel to rectify anything that causes triggers or stresses for the client. Having an understanding of causes allows me to support the client in building an action plan to manage the stressors.